Custom Soft PR microfiber fabric

Soft PR microfiber fabric

Soft PR microfiber fabric

Product description:

Strong draping, easy to care for, and soft to the touch.
Company Profile

Company Profile

Changxing Senyi Trade Co., Ltd., as China Custom Soft PR microfiber fabric Suppliers. is an enterprise integrating industry, with its factory in Changxing Nuoyan Textile Co., Ltd., now we are in the domestic sales and export of establishing a good reputation. We are committed to producing a series of home textiles and fabric supplies, such as microfiber, mini matt, pongee, taffeta, satin, etc. which can basically meet the needs of different customers in the fabric market. We use the right price to achieve satisfactory quality and welcome customers' inquiries!
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    From raw materials to strictly control, to achieve efficient production control

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    Producing their own yarn and weaving, owning their own machinery, has a price advantage over their peers


    Resource integration, to a large extent, the entire domestic factory, logistics companies to meet the needs of customers


    One-stop service, customers can enjoy professional services, but also can get timely feedback of logistics information in transit

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Product Knowledge

Soft PR microfiber fabric is a high-quality textile material known for its luxurious feel and exceptional performance. It offers several desirable features, including strong draping, easy care, and a soft touch. Here's a closer look at each of these characteristics:
Softness: Soft PR microfiber fabric is renowned for its plush and velvety texture. It feels incredibly soft to the touch, providing a comfortable and cozy experience. The fabric's microfiber composition contributes to its softness, as the fibers are extremely fine and densely packed.
Strong draping: One of the standout qualities of soft PR microfiber fabric is its strong draping ability. The fabric drapes beautifully, effortlessly conforming to the contours of furniture, clothing, or other items. This characteristic adds an elegant and sophisticated look to any application, enhancing the overall aesthetics.
Easy care: Soft PR microfiber fabric is designed to be low maintenance and easy to care for. It is typically resistant to wrinkles, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals who prefer fabrics that require minimal ironing or steaming. Additionally, microfiber fabrics are often machine washable and quick-drying, saving you time and effort in laundering.
Durability: Microfiber fabrics, including soft PR microfiber, are known for their durability. The fine and tightly woven fibers make the fabric resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it withstands regular use and maintains its integrity over time. This durability makes it suitable for various applications, including upholstery, clothing, and accessories.
Moisture-wicking: Another advantage of soft PR microfiber fabric is its moisture-wicking properties. Microfiber fibers are adept at pulling moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable. This feature makes it an excellent choice for activewear, towels, and bedding.
Soft PR microfiber fabric combines luxury and functionality, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Its softness, strong draping, easy care, and moisture-wicking capabilities contribute to its overall appeal.
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