Custom 100% polyester PR microfiber fabric

100% polyester PR microfiber fabric

100% polyester PR microfiber fabric

Product description:

The composition of 100% polyester printing pattern bright.
Company Profile

Company Profile

Changxing Senyi Trade Co., Ltd., as China Custom 100% polyester PR microfiber fabric Suppliers. is an enterprise integrating industry, with its factory in Changxing Nuoyan Textile Co., Ltd., now we are in the domestic sales and export of establishing a good reputation. We are committed to producing a series of home textiles and fabric supplies, such as microfiber, mini matt, pongee, taffeta, satin, etc. which can basically meet the needs of different customers in the fabric market. We use the right price to achieve satisfactory quality and welcome customers' inquiries!
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    From raw materials to strictly control, to achieve efficient production control

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    Producing their own yarn and weaving, owning their own machinery, has a price advantage over their peers


    Resource integration, to a large extent, the entire domestic factory, logistics companies to meet the needs of customers


    One-stop service, customers can enjoy professional services, but also can get timely feedback of logistics information in transit

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Product Knowledge

100% polyester PR microfiber fabric is a type of fabric made entirely from polyester fibers, specifically microfiber polyester. Microfiber refers to a type of textile made from very fine synthetic fibers, typically smaller than the diameter of a human hair.
Polyester is a synthetic fiber known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and ability to retain color well. It is often used in various applications, including apparel, home textiles, and industrial uses. Polyester microfiber fabric is known for its softness, lightweight feel, and moisture-wicking properties.
If you have any specific questions about polyester microfiber fabric or its applications, feel free to ask!
Printing patterns on bright fabric can be achieved through various techniques. Here are a few common methods used in the textile industry:
Digital Printing: Digital printing utilizes specialized inkjet printers that are designed for fabric printing. This method allows for high-resolution designs to be directly printed onto the fabric using digital files. It offers excellent color accuracy and the ability to reproduce intricate patterns and gradients. Digital printing is particularly suitable for printing vibrant patterns on bright fabrics.
Heat Transfer Printing: Heat transfer printing involves transferring a design from a special paper or film onto the fabric using heat and pressure. The pattern is first printed onto the transfer medium, and then it is applied to the fabric using a heat press. This method is often used for smaller production runs or custom designs. It can produce vibrant prints, but the color intensity may depend on the quality of the transfer medium and the heat press settings.
Discharge Printing: Discharge printing is a technique used to print patterns on dyed fabrics. It involves applying a chemical agent to the fabric, which removes or alters the dye in the desired pattern. This method is particularly suitable for printing patterns on dark or brightly colored fabrics. Discharge printing can produce vibrant and soft prints with a unique vintage look.
Sublimation Printing: Sublimation printing is commonly used for synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. In this process, special sublimation inks are used, which convert from a solid to a gas when exposed to heat. The gas permeates the fabric and bonds with its fibers, resulting in a permanent and vibrant print. Sublimation printing offers excellent color reproduction and allows for intricate designs on bright fabrics.
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