Custom soft feeling 65GSM 150cm Microfiber Pd fabric

soft feeling 65GSM 150cm Microfiber Pd fabric

soft feeling 65GSM 150cm Microfiber Pd fabric

Product description:

65gsm 150cm 
soft feeling
Company Profile

Company Profile

Changxing Senyi Trade Co., Ltd., as China Custom soft feeling 65GSM 150cm Microfiber Pd fabric Suppliers. is an enterprise integrating industry, with its factory in Changxing Nuoyan Textile Co., Ltd., now we are in the domestic sales and export of establishing a good reputation. We are committed to producing a series of home textiles and fabric supplies, such as microfiber, mini matt, pongee, taffeta, satin, etc. which can basically meet the needs of different customers in the fabric market. We use the right price to achieve satisfactory quality and welcome customers' inquiries!
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    From raw materials to strictly control, to achieve efficient production control

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    Producing their own yarn and weaving, owning their own machinery, has a price advantage over their peers


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    One-stop service, customers can enjoy professional services, but also can get timely feedback of logistics information in transit

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Product Knowledge

soft feeling 65GSM 150cm Microfiber Pd fabric
The cloth is defined as having a smooth feeling,that it has a pleasing and snug texture. This softness will be attributed to the microfiber composition and in all likelihood a Peach Skin (PD) finish.
The material has a weight of 65 grams consistent with rectangular meter (GSM). This denotes a light-weight cloth, suitable for diverse applications without being too heavy.
The material has a width of 150 cm. This popular width is commonplace for fabric and offers versatility for exclusive makes use of.
Microfiber Composition:
The material is crafted from microfiber, which consists of best synthetic fibers. Microfiber fabrics are recognised for their softness, durability, and capability to wick moisture.
PD (Peach Skin) Finish:
The point out of PD (Peach Skin) indicates that the material might also have a Peach Skin finish. This end is known for its tender and easy texture, corresponding to the texture of peach pores and skin.
Potential Uses for sixty five GSM 150cm Microfiber PD Fabric with a Soft Feeling:
Create light-weight and smooth clothing objects along with blouses, shirts, skirts, or clothes.
Design snug and smooth bedding additives, inclusive of sheets, pillowcases, and quilt covers.
Home Textiles:
Use the fabric for numerous home textile applications which include curtains, drapes, and decorative pillows.
Craft tender add-ons like scarves, shawls, or headbands.
Personal Care Items:
Consider the usage of the fabric for items like gentle bathrobes or towels.
Crafts and DIY Projects:
Suitable for diverse craft and DIY projects, given its tender and light-weight nature.
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